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CSJH The Grace’s Stephanie to make a solo comeback this July



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25/100 b&w edits of my biases - Lina

25/100 b&w edits of my biases - Lina

Track Title: Coming to you

Artist: Tenjochiki / CSJH The Grace

Album: トリビュート・トゥ・昴-スバル-ストリート・ダンス編


TENJOCHIKI (天上智喜) / CSJH THE GRACE - Coming To You

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One More Chance


  • 1.TVXQ= 893 songs
  • 2.BoA= 294 songs
  • 3. SJ= 266 songs
  • 4.SNSD= 115 songs
  • 5.Shinee= 115 songs 
  • 6.F(x)= 66 songs 
  • 7.EXO= 33 songs 

Credit: SmTown + Jejevan_
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Dear SM, where’s CSJH The Grace at? Seriously. You can’t create a group and make people like them and then take them away from us, making them go all MIA on us. I mean, that’s really rude. You could at least tell the fans about how you’ve failed to promote the group and we’d accept the apology. Maybe. No really, I wouldn’t be so surprise if these talented girls aren’t from your company but you’re the great SM, aren’t you? Ahh or maybe you didn’t really care about talent in the first place? Perhaps, your strategy of marketing has always been the faces of your idols… “It’s ok if they can’t sing, or dance. They’re pretty enough to make money for us.” or “Let’s create groups with lots of members in it. The more there are, the richer we’d become because fans are dumb when they started obsessing over an idol.”. I wonder. Because then, you created Super Junior (12 members and then you added another member which makes it 13 members damn why so many), and then SNSD (9 members)… and year after year, there’s barely news on CSJH anymore. So, there was a sub-unit comeback 3 years ago and then? What now? Come on SM, dude, don’t make me throw eggs on your windows.

P.S. f(x) debuted in 2009 and has 66 songs while EXO debuted in 2011 and has 33 songs? Ehh?


GDI SM, even Luhan is confused.

( To the new fans of KPOP who doesn’t know or have never heard of CSJH/The Grace/TSZX : Watch this / this (if you want the freaking powerful PURE LIVE performance, I mean goosebumps), this (because ballad is now underrated in kpop), this (of course they can do cute catchy song too) or this (ACAPELLA. More goosebumps man, goosebumps). Tell me if they can’t sing, or if they’re ugly or just…not talented enough…

f(x) has been unfairly treated in SM but, I think CSJH’s fans knows how it really feels like to be the fan of the victim of SM’s management.

As much as I’d never hate any of SM idols because they don’t deserved to be hate but really, SM just messed everything up. I used to disliked SNSD because I didn’t think their presence was fair when CSJH barely get promoted properly…but then I thought, why hate them? They’re not the one to blame. And now it’s happening again…. some f(x)’s fans hating on EXO purely because they want the justice. But really, it’s fcking SM and the way they managing their idols is messing everything up again. I wish I’d do something like #justiceforfx for CSJH.. although, I think it’s too late now (Stephanie has left the company and all…which is good for her) and I don’t even know if there’s still CSJH’s fans out there — If there is and you’re reading this, holla at you my fellow Shapley! )

- a fan who just wants an explanation from SM Entertainment

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alliwantisjustthatboy asked: "hey, is lina still in SM? or it's only dana and sunday? sorry, i'm a new fan here^^"

hi! as far as I know Lina is still in SM, but focusing on acting and musicals at the moment! thanks for the question ^^

Track Title: Boomerang

Artist: 천상지희 The Grace

Album: Boomerang


Artist-Song: CSJH The Grace - Boomerang
Album: Boomerang (single)
Year of Release: 2006

Dana & Sunday at SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Tokyo

Dana & Sunday at SMTOWN Live World Tour III in Tokyo